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Recent Entries 
10th-Aug-2020 11:56 pm - NOTICE:
→ & In resounding happiness
From now on, I will be posting icons at the community narrante with my friend, pocketmolecule.

The old and crappy icons that are here will stay where they are.

EDIT: As of June 30th, 2011, I have locked all the old entries except one because WOW those icons are bad and I cannot STAND THEM, so yeah. Please comment and watch us at narrante, and don't forget to credit whomever posts at the time, or our comm when you do! ♥
29th-Jul-2009 04:08 pm - \\ [Mini!]Batch IV → icons \\
WARNING: prone to explosive tl;dr
Alright. I'm too lazy to fix my old entries. This is a short batch and I'm trying to start up again--not all the icons I want to post I have due to being on my laptop, so it's going to be mostly Devil Survivor. And yes, I did get lazy with some of them. :|

→ SMT: Devil Survivor (main character)

Total: 19 icons.


Let's Survive.Collapse )

Next post will be longer when I'm back up to snuff. S-sorry, guys!

28th-May-2009 07:53 pm - ** RESOURCES POST **
→ & The literal ;;;;
** Moved from my main journal. **

I figured I needed to do one of these, and do it soon. So, in start of that, here's where C-chan gets those special things she uses for her icons, or for any of her RPing accounts.

I'll add sites and stuff as I find/use new ones. But for now, these are the helpful places/people where I get my textures, or learn to make things. :]

Resources under this cut! ♪Collapse )

Updated last on: 6/18/2010 (June 18th, Friday). Updated list - mostly under textures. Added: Dustloop link for BB stuff, more texture credits. Also a Blazblue section.

~ C-chan (AKA enuringly of narrante.)
25th-Feb-2009 10:17 am - [About the owner/artist]
WARNING: prone to explosive tl;dr
'He said, 'Sally forced endurance during her run home.'Collapse )

That's about it for the tall short about me, the owner of the journal. I hope you find it helpful, or decide to help me yourself~ You don't have do anything for my icons aside from credit me--that's not too hard! Credit enuringly in the "comments" portion when you upload userpics, yeah? If you like my stuff, you're free to comment or watch this journal, but I won't be posting icons here anymore: those go to narrante, and watch us if you like what you see! ♥ Have a nice day!
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