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† ฿utterfℓies… | ☼ | …Spidersiℓk †

† aℓℓ ℓies… | ☼ | …we deny †

Perfectly imperfect → Char
15 December

Enuringly { She held on and changed }This is an icon journal solely for the purposes and intent of C-chan. You'll see her work if, and when, she feels like posting her stuff. She's new to this, so be kind. ♥

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☼ Enure (also: inure): ☼

In·ure; also en·ure [in-yoor, i-noor] Source
in·ure, en·ured, in·ur·ing, en·ur·ing, in·ures, and, lastly, also en·ures.

- Verb.

....“To habituate to something undesirable, especially by prolonged subjection; to accustom oneself: Though the food became no more palatable than it had been before, he soon became sufficiently inured to it. (John Barth).”
My personal favorite, and the one I find most fitting.

....To come into use; take or have effect.

....To become beneficial or advantageous.

-so delicious and moist, -this cake is, aperture science, banners, bearpires, bearpires = injoke lol, icons